Meet The Doctors


William Buford, DVM

Dr. Buford obtained his veterinary degree from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. He studied at Clemson University for his undergrad and went on to complete his masters from West Virginia University. He started Twin Oaks mobile service in 2004 and opened Twin Oaks Animal Hospital in SIlverstreet, SC in 2006. He is experienced in both large and companion animal medicine. His favorite areas of vet medicine include orthopedic surgery as well as large animal surgery.

Did you know? He enjoys working on the farm, running equipment, and tending  to the animals. He also grills a mean burger!


Andrea Buford, DVM

Graduating from Auburn University for Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Andrea has been practicing for 15 years. Her veterinary career started in Florida before moving to South Carolina where she began practicing at Twin Oaks. She is very passionate about her line of work. She has a broad knowledge of companion animal medicine and has special interest in wound care. Her favorite part of the job is cuddling puppies and kittens.

Did you know? She loves to spend time with her family. She also enjoys riding her bike.


Meet The Team

Cindy Crawford

Veterinary Technician

She has a total of 17 years (and counting) in companion and large animal care; from kittens to calves she has worked with just about all. She has a special interest in denistry. 

Did you know? She enjoys spending time with her family. She is a "do it yourself-er" and she also keeps our plants alive!


Alexis Hallman, LVT

Veterinary Technician

Alexis is a recent graduate of Piedmont Technical College's Veterinary Technology Program. She has experience with both small and large animals. If asked what makes her stand out the team would say that she has a way of calming anxious felines and we often call her the "cat whisperer". She has a special interest in surgery, especially foreign body removals. 

Did you know? She enjoys being outdoors and loves expressing herself through art!



Angus came to Twin Oaks as a stray at the start of 2019 and found an immediate home in the hearts of our team. He believes that he should have constant attention and will demand it! His favorite hobbies include eating (anything he can get his paws on) and napping!
Did you know? Angus loves paw rubs! He also knows the command "sit", "jump" and "paw"


Cindy Darby

Front Desk/Veterinary Technician

She has been working 16 years in the veterinary technician and customer service field with companion and pocket pets. She is expanding her knowledge of large animals and has a special interest in dentistry.
Did you know? She loves to spend time with her family and is also a photographer!

Stephanie Jonkers, LVT

Veterinary Technician

She received her certification from Piedmont Technical College. She is experienced in both large and companion animals. She has a special interest in cytology, anesthesia monitoring and "practically anything under the microscope".

Did you know? She enjoys kayaking and horseback riding!